Bronwen Lankers-Byrne
Thrive Coordinator and Founding Director
Hout Bay High Mentor & Coordinator
Bronwen has worked in preschool, high school, and adult education since 1974.  She has facilitated Effective Parenting and More to Life programme courses to over 2300 people in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.  In 2000, Bronwen ordained as a Buddhist nun and completed a 3 month silent retreat in Burma.  Since 2002, she has been engaged with the broad community, working with others to create a sustainable, peaceful, and united Hout Bay for all. In 2006
Bronwen began focusing on recycling as a way of uniting the community around the environmental areas starting with waste and extending this vision to growing local food, saving water and energy and protecting Hout Bay’s rich biodiversity. She is the founding director of Thrive Hout Bay and coordinates the mentors who work to support all Hout Bay schools to be environmentally friendly.
Early in 2012 Bronwen lead a protest where 10 000 people signed a petition to  stop the construction of a R52 million toll plaza and office block on a World Heritage Site, Chapmans’ Peak Drive. After several protests and court actions the plaza was constructed and opened in August 2013. Currently due to several landslides and the instability of the mountain slopes, the road is closed for an indefinite period.
Jemimah Birch
Kronendal Primary Mentor & Mentor for Hout Bay Recycling Cooperative
Jemimah Birch joined Thrive in 2007 when it was still called 3Rs. With other Thrive mentors she registered and setup a local waste sorting co-operative known as Hout Bay Recycling that operates from the City of Cape Town drop off depot in Hout Bay. Jemimah performed the administrative function for the co-operative for 4 years. HBR now does most of its own admin with assistance from Jemimah when needed (eg completing tenders and dealing with other government institutions). She co-mentors HBR with  Bronwen Lankers Byrne (Thrive co-ordinator).
Jemimah also fills the role of Thrive mentor for Hout Bay’s Kronendal Primary school where she is the librarian and where her two children go to school. She has been involved in setting up and running the school’s Eco Clubs for junior and senior phase and encourages learners to participate in green events and competitions. She works with the governing body to move the school towards sustainable practices. Currently the school has a zero waste to landfill policy, composts all garden and food waste and has a vegetable garden and fruit orchard supported by Thrive. The governing body recently had multiflush toilet systems installed on all the toilets to save water and plans on installing its first rainwater tank this term. After a recent audit by Thrive the school is also looking at ways to save electricity.
She went to the Art ballet and music school where she majored in ballet. She did a BA through Wits university majoring in Psychology and sociology and then went on to complete  a post grad Honours in Psycholoy through Unisa. She moved to Cape Town 17 years ago with her husband and has been interested in recycling and composting since leaving school.
Jemimah loves working in the Thrive environment.  She says: “My volunteering in this space makes a tangible difference to people’s lives and environment.”

Grant Brazer
Thrive Chairman since 2015

I love the environment and in Thrive I have found a rich opportunity to get involved in projects that are meaningful to me and my interests. I love children and the linking of children towards environmental awareness through schools has been wonderful to witness, AND they learn a skill, they learn awareness and have an opportunity to they, themselves, give something back to their own community.
Mike has been involved in many environmental organizations over many years, and has participated in many voluntary environmental projects with organizations such as Earthwatch, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and Green Pop.
Mike emigrated to South Africa from England in 2004 and has lived in Hout Bay since then. He is keen to help Hout Bay achieve sustainability and thus joined joined Thrive in 2015 as Treasurer.
Mike likes to balance his work as an Operations Manager with a Financial Services Company with cycling, yoga and particularly music, which is a passion of his alongside caring for the environment.
Lionel Human
Thrive Board Member: Development and Communications
Lionel has a wealth of experience in both public and private sector companies. He graduated from the University of Western Cape, where he served on the SRC, and Unisa. He spent most of his working life as a Human Resource Professional. He also occupied leadership positions in various community and professional organisations. His passion is the empowerment of individuals through education and training. He wants to see community organisations focus more on the creation of long term sustainable jobs through entrepreneurial development.

Lionel regards himself as a creative person that enjoys things such as photography, cooking, jazz music and gardening.
Dario Mastarelli
Thrive Board Member since 2015
Dario is a valuable member of the Hout Bay Community always ready to support valuable causes like Thrive.
Mhinti Pato
Thrive Board Member
My name is Mhinti Pato, I'm 37 years of age, married with 3 children. I work for Ikhaya le themba as a community development worker. I believe that education is a key to success, development is for people, and making their lives better.
Anything that empowers and develop people, count me in. If we work together we can make this world a better place. We are all unique and different so there is not need to compete but to collaborate to get good results.
Grant Brazer

Bronwen Lankers-Byrne
Vice Chair and Programmes Coordinator
Jemimah Birch
Mike Purvis
Lionel Human
Communications/Marketing Coordinator
Mhinti Pato
Dario Mustarelli
Mzi Nkayi
Jan Lewis
Fidel Meter
Gwyn Banning
Advisory Board Member

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