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Level 2 water restrictions approved for Cape Town

The City of Cape Town's mayoral committee has approved the implementation of level 2 water restrictions. The proposal will be deliberated at a council meeting on 10 December.  The city currently imposes level 1 restrictions, which is a 10% saving at all times. The City of Cape Town says the water restriction proposals has come around because dam levels are about 15% lower than the norm for this time of the year.

Level 2 restrictions: what it means for you:
  • Residents may not water or irrigate their gardens between 6am and 6pm or fill up their swimming pools.
  • Hose pipes may also not be used to wash cars or paved areas.
  • Although water will still be available around the clock, pressure in the city's taps will be reduced.
  • If the situation worsens, more restrictions will be imposed, including supply cuts.

Thrive Ubuntu4All Sentinel Article makes front Page News 29 January 2016
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