Thrive Hout Bay was founded in 2007 as The 3R’s and formally registered in 2011 as Thrive.
Our purpose is to enable sustainable wellbeing by nurturing natures diversity. We do this by bringing the community together via school awareness projects, and arranging and supporting events, as well as facilitating the formation of local enterprises that benefit the community and environment.
With our mentors and in partnership with experts at local schools and community initiatives, Thrive aims to educate and mobilize the about 4 000 plus learners, 130 educators and over 30 000 family members and friends living in Hout Bay  around the 5 Thrive pillars of sustainability:

Zero Waste
Local Food
Water Wise
Energy Efficiency
Through the creation of the EnviroQuiz and Enviro Audit we have engaged the community of Hout Bay and surrounds to review and reduce their eco footprint, starting with the schools. Through our network of experts in the 5 Thrive pillars we are actively creating meaningful employment opportunities.
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