Thrive has a vision of a united Hout Bay community that demonstrates and promotes social, economic and environmentally sustainable living practices where little or no waste goes to landfill and there is access to food for all.
Thrive’s mission is to educate and promote environmental sustainability through focus on the Five Pillars of Sustainability: minimising waste, growing food, reducing water pollution, conserving water and energy and maintaining the highest possible level of biodiversity.
Thrive achieves this through:
  • A system of volunteer mentors
  • Interactive teaching methods in schools
  • Building the skills of local residents,
  • Recruiting residents as agents of change
  • Building models that are easy to replicate
  • Exploring best practices
  • Creating meaningful community connections through collaborative projects
  • Sourcing funding from various sources, including government
Results include:
  • A community living in harmony with nature and its resources
  • A community with a sense of purpose and empowerment
  • Job creation, projects and entrepreneurial businesses
  • Stimulation of local economy through business creation and an attractive living environment
Thrive is also available to provide consultative services to other organisations and communities.
  • Compassion – for those in need
  • Integrity – in operations and relationships
  • Inclusivity – for all projects
  • Abundance – of nature and its resources
  • Responsibility – to the community and funding sources
  • Interdependence  - in people and nature
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