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Thrive works with Hout Bay schools and learning institutions where, using the 5 Thrive Pillars of sustainability as guidance, mentors help each school take action to reduce their eco footprint and act as a role model to the community.

Thrive’s mentors help schools create an eco team and, together with the Thrive’s permaculture grower, support schools to:
  • manage waste effectively,
  • start and maintain vegetable gardens,
  • start and maintain fruit and nut orchards,
  • introduce water and energy saving practices and devices
  • and plant indigenous plants which encourage local species of birds and insects.
Awareness of the 5 pillars of sustainability is reinforced at schools through the annual EnviroQuiz where the schools and community are challenged to learn about the importance of living sustainably using the Smart Living Handbook and articles written by local environmentalists. Thrive then helps schools take practical steps to measure their eco progress in the annual Enviro Audit.
The initial goal of the project is for each school under the guidance of a Thrive mentor, grower and community expert to:
  1. manage waste wisely by either sending it back to the manufacturing stream for recycling, or, composting it for
  2. growing local vegetables and fruit while
  3. using water-wise practices, repairing leaks immediately and installing rainwater tanks and water saving systems
  4. and efficient energy usage with the installation of energy saving devices
  5. thereby increasing the biodiversity by planting indigenous shrubs which will attract local birds and insects to enhance the health of the ecosystem  for all living in it.
This is important so that children learn to participate in a living example of a healthy eco system in which each person, no matter how little, can make a difference to their own health and environment. They will learn how to create their own food security and influence the health of their environment.

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