Gwyn Banning



Gwyn Banning is a well-known management consultant from the US who has relocated to South Africa. While able to work across all industries, Ms. Banning also has an extensive health care management background and has been responsible for operational and financial improvement in many organizations.
Gwyn is skilled in strategic planning as well as creating the necessary structure, training efforts, and management reporting to achieve that strategy. She is comfortable in organizations of all sizes ranging from small entrepreneurial endeavours to large corporations. She understands personnel performance management and demonstrates excellent interpersonal relations in assisting organizations through change. Gwyn’s ability to problem-solve difficult situations and diagnose opportunities for operational and financial improvement is exceptional.
Gwyn has, throughout her career, assisted NPO's by serving as consultant and/or as Board member in various fields such as education and health care. She now serves as Chairperson for THRIVE, a PBO/NPO focused on education and model development for the implementation of sustainable living practices in Hout Bay, South Africa.

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