Debbie Nordien


Debbie has lived in Hout Bay for most of her life and has been connected with Thrive since 2006 when she completed her thesis on recycling within our community. She worked closely with Bronwen on this, who gave her great insight into the organisation, which has become well established over the past 10 years.
Completing her degree in Public Relations, Debbie then travelled abroad to London. Here she worked as a Green Officer for the Islington Council and gained great insight into their environmental processes, when returning home she had an even stronger stance on creating awareness and educating those around her on sustainable practices and the importance of the 3 R’s.
On returning to South Africa, Debbie then worked in the events industry for eight years and has recently started her own company consulting for the events sector and on the side working on a passion project that is quickly evolving. Debbie and her husband have a two-year-old boy and a baby girl due in March.

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