Thrive holds regular composting workshops at schools and has set up compost heaps and worm farms at 10 learning institutions in Hout Bay. At the workshops children are invited to participate in the composting process by creating the layers that make up a healthy heap.
Participants are also shown how to look after a worm farm and make compost teas that help to nourish their gardens.
Download the article about Composting Workshops - 22 March (1.81MB)
Here is a short info doc on how to make your own Compost. Thrive ran a Soil for life workshop at Kronendal Primary School and fun was had by all.
Mist & rain on Saturday did not dampen the mood, only the soil & compost. Soil For Life showed 50 keen adults & school children how to make "hot" compost in 6 easy steps. Participants then entered Kronendal school library for tea & witness Charl Pienaar demonstrate how to make Ormus, an ancient alchemical substance used by the Egyptians to enrich the soil & increase health & well being.
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