Bronwen Lankers-Byrne

Sustainable Schools Manager
Bronwen has worked in preschool, high school, and adult education since 1974.  Since 2002, she has been engaged with the broad community, working with others to create a sustainable, peaceful, and united Hout Bay for all.
In 2006 Bronwen began focusing on recycling as a way of uniting the community around the environmental areas, starting with waste and extending this vision to growing local food, saving water and energy and protecting Hout Bay’s rich biodiversity.
As Sustainable Schools Manger, Bronwen coordinates the school mentors and teachers who work to support all Hout Bay schools to become environmentally friendly. She and others have worked hard to produce the Enviro curriculum, which is designed around the five Thrive Pillars of  Waste, Local Food, Water, Energy and Biodiversity. More recently, Bronwen has begun work with a few Hout Bay high schools, to begin aligning the curriculum with their Life Orientation subject.
In 2017, Bronwen began a process of retirement, and handed over the Executive Director role to Helen Adendorff. During 2018, Bronwen will be preparing to hand over the role of Sustainable Schools Manager to a suitable encumbent. Bronwen will remain on Thrive Manco as the Founder.

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