Scroll down to read the 2019 articles with questions as they are published. Answers can be found on the corresponding links.
The 2018 EnviroQuiz articles with questions and answers can be accessed on the Archives link.
This year Thrive has chosen to focus on Biodiversity, with underlying themes of water and waste. The study material for the live EnviroQuiz will be found in one Intro Article and five Study Articles published in the Sentinel News once a month from March to August. Learners and the community will need to read all articles in order to answer the quiz questions to be in line for Eco and Spot prizes.
The EnviroArt competition requires schools to create an educational wall piece with a focus on the theme of the year.
The QuizArt event takes place at Kronendal Primary School on the 6th September 2019 from 14h00 to 16h30 and will attract schools from Hout Bay and further afield on the Peninsula.
Quiz Resources and Material
Below you will find one Intro Article and 5 Study Articles with Quiz questions and answers to help you prepare for the 2019 Quiz. Every month an EnviroQuiz article which focuses on Biodiversity will be published in the Sentinel News. These can be downloaded from the Thrive website on the links below, or the Sentinel News website.
Intro Article: 29th March – Register for 2019 Thrive Enviro Quiz - View Article

Study Article 1: 12th April 2019 – Biodiversity Study Article 1 View Article | Answers
Study Article 2: 3rd May 2019 – Biodiversity Study Article 2
Study Article 3: 31st May 2019 – Biodiversity Study Article 3
Study Article 4: 20th July 2019 – Biodiversity Study Article 4
Study Article 5: 23rd August 2019 – Biodiversity Study Article 5

Wrap-up Article: September 2019 - And the Winner is ...
Email for more information and request an Entry form.
Annual EnviroQuiz/Art
Enviro Audit/Award
Enviro Exhibits
Community Dig-Ins
Composting workshops
Alien vegetation clearing/rehabilitation
Community Clean-ups
Prizes, refreshments and venue were kindly sponsored by:
Pick n Pay Hout Bay – donated and served refreshments
Kronendal Primary School – donated venue
Office National – donated printing of programmes 
School Prizes
Franki Africa – Prize Money for purchase of Eco Prizes valued at R16 000
SANParks (Educational Camp at Peoples Trail hut on Table Mountain)
Bay Harbour Market (Greener Schools Trophy)
Sentinel News (EnviroQuiz Junior &
Senior Trophies. Publication of EnviroQuiz Articles)
Kirstenbosch Gardens – 16 vouchers  &
World of Birds – 16 vouchers
Spot prizes and Gifts donated by:
Potters Yard
Valley Nursery
Born in Africa Toys
iKhaya Lethemba
Rock Chic Hout Bay
Fine Art Sales
The Clay Cafe
Mr Recycled Notebooks
Edge Fitness Club
Velocity Sports Club &; &Valley Nursery
The Fitness Shack- Justin Wiggle - CrossFit Hout Bay
SUP Hout Bay
Dario Café
Delish Restaurant
Spiro’s  Restaurant
Massimo @ Oakhurst
Hout Bay Manor Hotel
The Lookout Deck
Postacino Restaurant
Chapman’s Peak Hotel
Hummingbird Café
Bay Harbour Market traders x 10 gifts

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